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New Construction Services

Whether you are building a new home or designing a new office building, it is important to work with an experienced engineering and consulting firm. For 20+ years, Structural Engineering & Inspections, LLC has offered residential and commercial clients the highest quality structural engineering and consulting services. Our company is based in Franklin, TN, and offers services to clients across Middle Tennessee.
Construction and Engineering - Franklin, TN


Committed To Safety & Quality on Every Project

Pre-Construction Services - Brentwood, TN

Pre-Construction Services

As the name suggests, these services are provided before the onset of your project. Pre-construction services are an essential part of bringing your ideas and vision to life. It helps lay the groundwork for successful construction management services. During this phase, we will explore the feasibility of a project, complete designs, and lay out a budget and timeline for the project.
Quality Assurance Inspections - Brentwood, TN

Quality Assurance Inspections

Quality Assurance is concerned with preventing defects and flaws before they occur on a project. It is used to keep the project on schedule while ensuring the structure meets the building specifications and current safety standards.
Code Compliance Inspections - Brentwood, TN

Code Compliance Inspections

Due to constantly evolving building codes, it is critical to have experienced inspectors and professionals review code compliance. During a code compliance inspection, we will inspect your building for safety and structural integrity. This service is also focused on ensuring plans are up to the appropriate engineering codes and safety standards.
Warranty Evaluations - Brentwood, TN

Warranty Evaluations

In the construction industry, a warranty often includes an outline of what work should be performed, what materials should be used, and that the finished product complies with code regulations, meets safety standards, and is fit for its intended purpose. Our warranty evaluations provide an analysis of these factors and an honest assessment of your project and workmanship involved.
Construction Phase Engineering Services - Brentwood, TN

Construction Phase Engineering Services

The construction phase of your project is the culmination of the entire development process. During this phase, we will monitor the progress of construction and work to maintain safety and quality throughout each step. Our goal is to maintain open lines of communication between clients and all contractors involved in the construction and completion of every project.


Choose Structural Engineering & inspections for comprehensive new construction services, contact us or give us a call at (615) 819-0029 to schedule a consultation.


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