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Elevating the Standard for Engineering Consulting Services

Elevating the Standard for Engineering Consulting Services

Elevating the Standard for Engineering Consulting Services

As the housing market has grown, so has the need for professional and ethical consulting services. From our beginning in 2000, Structural Engineering & Inspections has sought to raise the standard of care for residential engineering consulting services. It is our goal to bring a level of services that is common in commercial consulting and design to the residential market.

Our Mission Statement

SE&I’s mission is to utilize our experience and knowledge of best construction practices to provide quality professional engineering services that empower our clients to achieve their goals of acquiring, constructing and/or renovating residential and commercial properties.

Fundamental Canon

SE&I will strive to provide unbiased and independent opinions concerning issues of structural integrity based on observed evidence, sound engineering judgment, and the protection and welfare of the public.

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Over the years we have worked with thousands of homeowners, home builders, renovation contractors, architects and real estate professionals. As our business has grown, so has our expertise and knowledge — with each passing year, we are increasingly involved in commercial building design and renovation. Whatever your needs, our professional engineers and staff will assist you in evaluating your structure, meeting local building code requirements, and designing the framing or renovation plan to fit your budget.

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